Do you want to help Spanish students learn English through interactive activities and games?


What is the language learning process? Typically, language learners begin by listening to and understanding sounds, later moving to pronunciation, and eventually reading, writing, and grammar. In Spain, students focus largely on the latter half of this process (writing, reading, and grammar), and I want to give them the opportunity to improve their speaking and listening abilities as well.


My project involves connecting Spanish families with North American college students and, more recently, Australian and Canadian students as well. Students will go to families’ apartments to play and interact with their children (in English!) to build language ability.


While the main goal of the program is to improve listening comprehension and speaking, you may also choose to focus on writing, reading, or grammar. My aim is that children feel more comfortable and confident with their language ability in future English-speaking environments.


This project is being well received. I currently work with many universities like Middlebury College in Vermont, Stetson University, St. Louis University, USD, UCSD, UCLA, UC-Berkeley, Suffolk University, Vassar College, Wesleyan University, Complutense, Autónoma, Carlos III, and Instituto Internacional in Madrid, among others, as well as organizations like APUNE, API and ASI.


I began the project seeking American college students but increased that window to include British, Australian, and Canadian students to meet families’ demands. I also now work with international students studying in Madrid who are absolutely bilingual.


The children you will work with typically range between 2 and 19 years old, but some adults also ask for help improving their speaking or writing skills.


  • The goal of interacting with toddlers and preschoolers (from 2 or 3 to 5 years old) is to teach them basic English (ABC's, articulation, pronunciation, etc.) in a safe and stimulating environment through playing blocks, reading books, and practicing art activities, to encourage them to touch, create, and think creatively while learning English.

  • The goal of interacting with 6 to 11-years old children is to provide a safe and stimulating environment where they can learn and play games to improve their listening comprehension and speaking skills. Some students may also require help with English homework assignments, or even reading, grammar, spelling...

  • The goal of interacting with teenagers (from 12 to 19 years old) is to help them continue to improve their level of speaking and listening, while also helping them with tests and homework.

  •  While less common, some adults may also request help practicing their English writing, speaking, and listening abilities in preparation for interviews, English examinations, job training programs, working abroad, or simply their own desire to improve.


You will receive a stipend of 14€ per hour at the family apartment, to compensate for traveling and out of the pocket expenses.


Tutors will be selected through a 30-minutes questionnaire submitted to me, a 30-minutes Skype interview, and a 40-minutes mock session with my three kids. Families will also submit a questionnaire regarding their needs and preferences and will be matched with tutors accordingly.


What are my responsibilities?

  • Collaborating with over 50 American universities, colleges, and international programs to match interested families with capable student tutors

  • Serving as a liaison between tutors and families

  • Providing advice and suggestions to families and tutors for structuring sessions

  • Following up with tutors and families the first 2 or 3 weeks to check that the relationship is a good fit, or if we need to work together to tie something specific.

  • Guaranteeing you a family and a stipend of 14€ per hour at the family apartment during your time in Madrid


What are your responsibilities?

  • Helping students to improve their English ability towards bilingualism.  So you will prepare ideas, materials, and activities for the sessions ahead of time. Parents may offer to provide you with specific materials if asked.

  • Giving feedback to parents following the session, including a summary of what activities you completed, what the lesson was focused on, and what their children learned that day.  Giving me feedback about how the tutoring sessions are going, and reporting any issue if needed.

  • Providing me at the end of the semester with information about the children English level at the beginning and end of the semester including development with you and tips for the next student will work with them


What are the family’s responsibilities?

  • Waiting for the student at home and monitoring their children’s improvement

  • Speak directly with you about their expectations and tips if needed to improve sessions

  • Provide you with the material you will ask them in order to do the activities with children

  • Make the payment to the student, either daily or weekly: 14 EUROS per hour at their apartments.


What will you get?

  • A pro-bono position with a stipend of 14€ per hour at the family apartment

  • Around 10 weeks or more of work experience during your stay in Spain

  • A perfect fit with a family and free consulting with me to resolve any issue

  • A work schedule that matches with your availability

  • The chance to meet Spanish families and learn about Spanish culture, habits, parenting, and education

  • The opportunity to improve or develop abilities like: teaching, punctuality, commitment, responsibility, empathy, patience, creativity, sometimes strictness if children’s behavior warrants it, and more!

  • A reference letter or if requested


What will you get from me to start this job?

I will guide you through the process to be sure that you have all the information to understand the position sending you and discussing with you about your profile, experience worikign with children, and a document with Information that I will send you which includes:

  • What the job is and what it is not

  • What my role is

  • What you will get

  • What YOUR role will be

  • Next steps

  • What students can expect from parents

  • What parents expect from students

  • My suggestions

  • Q&A

I will also send you a doc with resources for English tutors and teachers, as well as periodically emails with arts&crafts, worsheets, or ideas to work with children.