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Ilise Ratner is a Certified Health Coach having spent the last 10+ years training and coaching a variety of clients specializing in career, life and health.


Ilise spent 4 years living abroad in Madrid, Spain when she was in her early 30’s.  She worked for a major Spanish corporation and upon being contracted to do her job she had to speak Spanish immediately with the public.  It was a frightening experience for her that took roughly six-months to move through until she felt comfortable.  Wouldn't it be easier and more natural to have learned Spanish from a native speaker at an earlier age and at home! 

Who is Ilise?

Ilise’s training and experience are supported by Results Coaching Systems; and holds an international coach accreditation by the International Coach Federation ( and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Health Coach.


Ilise has had the great fortune to continue to speak Spanish through relationships with friends and family living abroad in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries.  She also continues to speak Spanish throughout her professional career and enjoys every moment of it!

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